USE ME Alien Safari – delayed

Artwork of SHM 15mm aliens

Artwork of SHM 15mm aliens by E.Jackson

Those of you who read this blog and also speak to me via email and phone will know that the month running up to the Salute show (which we are now in!) is the second busiest of my year on average.  The biggest wargaming show in the UK occurs in London in April and its an annual bonanza of new releases and special officers at my work.  This year, despite the apparent weak economy, the company is having a mighty busy time with pre-orders and other orders taking advantage of the offers that are available.  This has leant on me rather heavily and as a result a little bit of sad news for you all.

UM012 USE ME Alien Safari is not being released until later this year.  Booooo!  Hissss!

I know, I know.  You are all looking forward to it but I had to make a hard choice.  It is just not ready.  The rules engine needs more playtesting and as its primarily a solo play game the tables covering this need to be bang on for it to work correctly.  Better that it is right than it is rushed.  But I do think it will be by or before the summer for release.

I will post when I have a release date confirmed and also based on a couple of emails I have had please post in comments here if you would like me to do a ‘designers notes’ post or article about the game too.   This might be here or over on Barking Irons Online.


p.s a lovely little look for you in this post at a sheet of artwork that will feature in the game. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “USE ME Alien Safari – delayed

  1. That’s a shame G! Ahh well, as you say, perfection is necessary for this one, so let’s aim for that!

    • Perfection is impossible…except in my good lady, she is perfect to me 🙂

      Its a radically different version of the ‘use me engine’ so it needs almost as much work as the original engine did.


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