SHM 15mm Sci-fi on Tiny Solitary Soldiers Blog

One of my most favoured blogs to visit when looking for pure ‘eye candy’ is Tiny Solitary Soldiers blog.  Home to talent miniature painter and solo gamer SpaceJacker the blog proudly proclaims ‘all 15mm or smaller all of the time‘ and it does just what it says on its white metal tin.  I have been watching as SpaceJacker works his way around the SHM miniatures he bought from and decided to wait until he had a few up before posting about them.  Well the time is here and man what a job he has done on Eli Arndt’s little aliens.

Below are some awesome pictures along with links to the posts they came from.  Enjoy!

SHM31 Baroka Crimelord  Posting is HERE.

 SHM28 Trandan Mercenary  Posting is HERE.

SHM30 Gizbin Mercenary  Posting is HERE.

SHM34 Prang Soldier  Posting is HERE.

SHM35 Kardul Bodyguard  Posting is HERE.

SHM32 Calamite Preacher  Posting is HERE.

As well as creating his own unique skin tones and uniform colours SpaceJacker also did some conversion work on a few of the miniatures which I think all looks great.  It’s really good to see how different wargamers make miniatures in their own vision for the gaming table.

So hop along and check out TSS blog, it is well worth your time.


10 thoughts on “SHM 15mm Sci-fi on Tiny Solitary Soldiers Blog

  1. These are stunning, I have been following with my jaw firmly attached to the floor…

    • Watch you do not end up with a mouth full of carpet fluff Rob!
      Wonder what he could do with your sculpts of the Zidhe in the HOF Range.

      • He could do some fantastic stuff with those I am sure!

        Not to mention the illustrious Octopod!

    • Thanks for your comment and for looking at me blog!
      Head on over to the SHM page on just now and you can get 15% off your order.

  2. I have joked that Spacejacker makes my sculpts look like I actually know what I’m doing.

    I have been following along with a lot of interest. It’s always fun to see how people interpret what I put into the putty. Spacejacker has surprised me on a few of them taking the figures in directions of color and texture that did not enter my mind when I envisioned the aliens.


    • Oh, Eli! You do know what you are doing. I saw your talent when I first saw the Uhul.

      I think it is really good to see what different painters and gamers do with the same miniatures. I have now seen five different versions of the Calamite Preacher and each is very different but fits the miniature well.

      It is the same with rules for wargaming too. Some of the questions I get asked for Flintloque are so odd they would never appear in print; being so focused on one aspect of the game. Everyone looks at the same thing differently.


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