Half a Pound of Purple Sweeties!

A pile of Vimto Creams with one of my 28mm scale Khanate Legion miniatures for scale.

The misery of a runny nose and a boakey throat are beginning to lift…hurrah!  Not quite back to normal but way better than I was earlier this week.  To that end I decided to treat myself and the kids to some ‘sweeties’ or candy for those of you not from the UK.  Luckily for me there is a top quality shop very near to my home in Girvan which specialises in sweets.  So off I went and I found…Vimto Creams!

You can see the jar they come in below.  I asked for two ‘quarters’.  Sweets in Scotland are measured in the old imperial system of pounds and ounces and a quarter is a quarter pound of sweets by weight.  The sweets looked, felt and tasted great.

Ross's Vimto Creams

You can see them and buy them (if you are not in Girvan…very likely) here.  Give them a try.

Cheered me right up!


4 thoughts on “Half a Pound of Purple Sweeties!

  1. Hi Gavin, there is a shop in Leamington that still measures in imperial measurements!
    Never tried these though!

    • You should try them. I still have little sense of taste but I tasted these just fine!

      With all the entertainments and time aimed activities of the modern world there is joy to be had in the simple act of a wee bag of sweeties in the afternoon sun.


    • Vimto is indeed a carbonated fruit flavoured soft drink made in the UK but its flavour has been added to all manner of food related things. But this was the first time I had seen it in ‘traditional confectionery’.


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