Goodbye Grandmother

This has been a sad week for me.  A week of loss and of reflection upon the passing of time.  My paternal grandmother has died and with that a permanent and towering fixture in my life has gone.

My grandmother was a quiet woman who held herself with a lot of dignity even in her declining years when she left her city of Glasgow and came here to Girvan to be nearer the family so that we could look after her.  That was nearly five years ago and in that time I saw her most days and got to know her far better than I had as a boy.  It also meant she got to meet her three great grandchildren and see them regularly as they grew from tiny babies.

Cathy Syme and Gavin Syme in the 1980’s

I will remember her as a strong person who held my hand all those years ago and learned me the manners that helped make me the man I am.  From her vantage point of a birth in the year 1919 she had seen the world change almost out of all recognition from when she was a girl in the roaring twenties.

Goodbye Grandmother Syme.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Grandmother

  1. It has taken me a while to make this post and this also explains the ceasing of posts here over the last few days.

    Life goes on and things are returning to normal now. More posts soon.


  2. Hello Gavin,

    Well done for the post, a very nice post indeed.
    Hannah and I have our thoughts with you, your father and everyone surrounding that too, having lost our own grandparents in recent years Hannah and I understand the way you feel with absoloute compassion.

    As you said to me, get back to it when you can, ease into it and things will become easier with time.

    All the best as always,

  3. Thanks Rob to you and to Hannah. Your words mean a lot to me.

    I will be back to normal next week as far as work is concerned. But for Granny, this weekend I will be honouring another venerable lady by drinking a lot of Pimms to celebrate her ascending anniversary. Huzzah!

    Speak to you soon.


  4. Hello Gavin,
    I am sorry to hear about your Gran,
    Lynn and I will keep you in our thoughts.
    Excellent post, made me think back to my sets of grandparents.
    Thank you for the wonderful memories.


  5. Sad news but a lovely tribute. I am glad your Gran got to meet your boys and vice versa.

    You are all in our thoughts.

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