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After some thought and consideration in the last few weeks I have decided that it is time to move across to the use of an Email Marketing and Email List Manager service.  Due to the increase in legislation and also the sophistication of ‘spam’ as well a situation has arisen where we can no longer get out all of the email that our customers want.  With thousands of wargamers to contact about new releases, new games, special events and offers and so on I needed something more.   Why and not Alternative Armies.  Well it is smaller and smaller is better with new ventures in my book!

The internet is a great place for reviews and Mail Chimp came up trumps over and over with extra features and great pricing but what sealed the deal was my best buddy Jim Brittain saying it was the service to choose.  He is an expert in ‘netjitzu’ and I greatly value his opinion on these matters.  While this upgrade will go pretty much unnoticed by most of the wargamers it reaches the change to Mail Chimp will mean more and higher quality HTML email being delivered along with new pages on the website for opting in to the service.

Plus I really liked the company’s cute approach to the subject and the wealth of support material they offered.  Gives me more to read this weekend 🙂


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  1. Oooh! Try and talk them into letting you produce a minature of their logo please : )

    • Thanks for your comment Bob.

      I could try, but I will see how their service works out first I think.

      Perhaps Professor Gigalamps could guide the process 🙂


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