Advertising in Miniature Wargames Issue 351 – Results!

We were approached at by Media Shed who are the advertisers of Miniature Wargames magazine to take out adverts with them.  After discussion we decided on a series of three adverts with them in issues 351,352,353.  A  It had been quite a while since we last advertised in a UK magazine so we decided to give it a go and see what happened.  It is now into the release month of the second of those three agreed issues so that means the statistics for the first month’s advert are now complete.  So, how did this advert work out?

Using a combination of customer responces to email and also web statistics and traffic to certain pages of the website along with information from the previous three months of the same sources we came to the following conclusions about this advert.

   1.  Total website visits to both Alternative Armies and dropped by 10% during the four weeks the MW351 advert ran.

   2. The pages of the website dealing with the subject of the advert (the USE ME Series of titles) rose in the rankings of pages by popularity ending in second place for that period.

  3. Of the total sales of paper books covered by the MW351 advert some 40% can be directly attributed to viewing the advert in print.

  4. Sales of the download titles in the USE ME Series doubled during the period of the advert.

  5.  The advert was a reasonable success with an uplift over normal in sales and interest in the USE ME Series.  However it was not as successful as other email and postal campaigns on the same subject with a lesser cost involved to the company.

So in conclusion we are satisfied with the results of the advert and look forward to the results of the next two in issues 352 and 353.

I have started a thread over on the Notables Yahoo Group asking how many of its 550 members regularly read Miniature Wargames magazine and of them how many saw and acted on the advert for USE ME.  Also if what kind of advert they prefer, listings, information and so on.

Lastly those of you who read my blog and are not members of the Notables or prefer to please put your views in the comments thread of this posting.  I welcome your comments!


2 thoughts on “Advertising in Miniature Wargames Issue 351 – Results!

  1. As one of the “Forty-percenters” mentioned above (point 3), amongst other things, it’s very good to have some feedback about the wargame magazine adverts business generally. As a customer/wargamer/modeller I’ve often reacted to ads for new products, or ones I’ve not seen before, these days even without an ad – or sometimes even a website, since search-engines can usually find what you’re after eventually. Never been sure if it’s only me who does that though…

    Your limited run with different ads seems wise. Don’t understand the advertisers who put in an identical advert month after month, especially a full page thing. Maybe they have money to burn, or perhaps it’s a tax dodge.

    Regardless, I’m certainly delighted to have ventured into the online world of 15mm et al through your ad!

    • Hello Alastair,

      Thanks for your comment. I did think that some feedback was in order, it is often hard to work out just what readers are thinking. I certainly cannot comment on burning money or such but that also does confuse me, it is a varied hobby, why not vary the advert.

      Welcome onboard!


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