A Pin for a Real Flintloque Fan

My CCI Demo Team pin badge from the 1990’s!

Funny what a rummage turns up.  I thought I had lost my unique hand painted pin badge back from 1997 when the CCI Demo Team ruled the land and I was the cheery chap touring the globe playing Flintloque.  The pin above went with me to Salute, to Gencon UK, Gencon USA, to Poland and Italy, to many other places too and more stores than I can remember.  That pin depicting the ‘Grand Duck’ or the Colonel of the 105th Rifles Oswold Pebblekettle along with a gun metal grey shirt and the CCI demo set of miniatures graced hundreds of tables.  It was one of the first made, if not the first.  Possibly painted by Pete Knifton who did all of the early artwork for Flintloque in the 1990’s; it was a long time ago.

I am feeling generous though and perhaps might give this away to one REALLY lucky fan of the World of Valon.  I will go over to the Notables Yahoo Group and ask for suggestions on how to do it.



8 thoughts on “A Pin for a Real Flintloque Fan

  1. You have to hold your breath while laying underwater in a bath of cold water. The Notable who hold his (or her) breath for the longest wins the badge.


    • Ha! You are fast off the mark Tony.

      I could suggest something like that but I would feel a little guilty if someone perished for my pin badge. 🙂


  2. Hi Gavin ,Perhaps a raffle would be best or placing in a random order as already suggested .Would love to become the new owner Good luck to whomever is lucky.
    p.s I still have my AA shirt from when I demo’d at Loughborgh.

    • Hello Ross,

      Thanks for your comment. Certainly those are valid ideas, we will see which idea wins before any chance for the pin begins. Still having your shirt is an achievement in itself!


  3. I say the pin should go to the best scenario to be released in an up and coming Barking Irons. Then the character for the unseen miniatures could be presented in that scenario.

    My scenario:
    The Joccian’s take the field.
    Step 1: place Terrain
    Step 2: place Joccians
    Step 3: Joccians win

    So… did I win?

    • Hello Karl,

      Thanks for your comment. But sorry, the method has been chosen and announced on the Notables Group.

      I wish it was that easy! 🙂


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  5. Update!

    A winner has been randomly chosen on the Notables Yahoo Group and it is: Mr Dale Blessing of the USA.

    Well done. The badge is on its way to you now.


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