Tony Harwood publishes and ships his first book!

Book Anyone?

I have known Tony Harwood for more than a decade and he is a great fan of Flintloque so when he mentioned online that he planned to publish a book of his terrain ideas and works I was very interested.  Tony makes wonderful terrain for several different game systems and also for a couple of companies too.  All of this is in his own unique style.  I actually own a piece of his terrain which Tony very kindly gifted to me last year (is it in the book we will see!) for the Sharke’s Gingerbread adventure at Salute.

My House is a very, very fine Gingerbread House

One hundred copies of the book have been printed and it looks like it is selling well.  I have held off ordering just now as I wanted Tony to expand his fan base and I will pick up a copy once the huzzah calms down a bit.  Writing, Editing, Laying Out and Publishing a book is a daunting process (trust me I know!) and all that before you take it to a market and attempt to sell what you have come to love and often loath so much to interested parties.  Tony’s works deserve to be seen by all those who are interested in wargame terrain and how it can be constructed.

You can see some of Tony’s work over on Barking Irons Online and also on his own Blog along with the book itself.

Well done Tony!


2 thoughts on “Tony Harwood publishes and ships his first book!

  1. Thank you for the plug.

    You are right about it being a daunting task!

    As at todays date one third of the initial books have either been sold or ear-marked/reserved.

    (Looks like you all had fun at the zoo)


    • Hello Tony,

      You are most welcome. I have been watching the progress of the book and decided to wait until it was shipping to plug it. Publishing can be scary but its a great feeling as well.

      Aye the Zoo was good times for all. But man are those Panda’s over rated!


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