Muskets, Shako’s and Fantasy from the Talented Mr Minadeo

The Injia Game set up for play!

My good friend Bob Minadeo runs a great wargaming blog of which I am a frequent visitor and sometimes blogger about.  He recently put up a posting with a double claim to fame for it was not only in celebration of his latest published rules set (which he let me look at and is excellent) but also the putting into it the awesome fantasy nature of Flintloque.  Using his newly published rules from 2 Hour Wargames and all pro-painted miniatures from his collection by Alternative Armies Bob has put up a posting with plenty of images and its a fine read too.

I like to think I contributed a bit to the process….I helped with the uniform of his Othari Cavalry as Skinners Gnolls and I sometimes assist in choosing miniatures and bits from the massive World of Valon range to suit his latest slightly demented on table scheme.  Such as the miniature below which featured in the ultimate part of the ’98 Campaign.

A Furry Top O’ the morning to ya!

Well done Bob!


2 thoughts on “Muskets, Shako’s and Fantasy from the Talented Mr Minadeo

  1. Thank you for the kind words my friend.

    As well as all of your help with finding the right figures to feed my madness.

    I must say that I am well pleased with the way Wolfe Toon turned out.

    • Hello Bob,

      Well deserved indeed. My pleasure too. Yes, you did some grand work with those bits to make Wolfe Toone but you should be more pleased with Muskets & Mowhawks its a super system.


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