Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – Irn Bru


Brand New but Vintage Bru!

I have not been posting much here or on other forums and for that and the hundreds of you who read these items every day I am sorry.  But fear not the reason for this will be revealed in all of its awesomeness on Monday 19th August.  Just you wait…fans of 15mm especially.

Moving on from that good luck to Scotland in this evening’s football match against England at Wembley.  Victory will go to the Tartan Army I am sure (errr….maybe not) but its the first time that Scotland have played ‘The Auld Enemy’ since 1999 and I remember that match well.  I also now realise I am since that match a father of three, married, a home owner, a successful author and car driver among other things…it sure does creep up on you eh.  I will post a comment after the match and let you all know what happened.

Lastly the above image is of a brand new design of Irn-Bru can of fizzy drink which has been produced in celebration of Glasgow’s hosting of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.  We may not have been big enough to get the Olympics but this is just as good as it is actually near enough to visit.  The can has a vintage design on it and it looks and tastes very nice too.

All in all its a great week…and the kids go back to school on Monday too. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 – Irn Bru

  1. Well…Scotland lost the football match with the score being 3-2 to England. But I am happy in that being the far less expensive, far smaller nation team that we scored first, then went ahead with the second goal and until the last five minutes we held the England team pretty well. Plus…we did not foul quite so much 🙂

    There is always next time!


  2. Hmmm 15mm you say?….monday the 19th, Sounds pretty interesting! I’ll be waiting with baited breath to see what its all about!

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