Getting Ready for School…less affordable now?


The summer holidays are over and the rain continues to fall in Scotland (well it was actually a good seven weeks all in for weather this year) and my three are going back to the land of education.  Aside from this being the first time for the youngest, The Warrior, it also means the need to buy yet more school uniforms and supplies.  So off I went and bought what was needed.  I looked for bargains, for special offers, for value and then bought it three times over.  I got all that was needed and it took most of a day to do it.

Well what can I say.  Despite looking for the best offers and making a killer saving on the older two boy’s shoes the cost was more than last year.  I know there is a third child now but its more than that.  The cost of everything was up.  I ain’t moaning, I am just saying as the song goes.  I am glad I don’t have to do this more than once a year (but items do need replaced regularly!).  Above you can see most of the pile, not all of it but it gives you an idea spread out more than six feet across.

Is the new gear for school starting less affordable now.  My opinion is that despite the claims of major retailers it really is.  I won’t say how much I spent but it has left a sizeable hole in my pocket.  What do you do if you have four, five or more children…share shoes or hope the government aids you is all I can say.

Moan over…back to the positive once more! 


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready for School…less affordable now?

  1. I too feel the sting of this, and share your pain! It’s true that the ongoing cost of school shoes (which happens A LOT in my house) is downright distressing. Things don’t look as if they’ll get any better pricewise anytime soon either with manufacturing costs going up too, plus the knock on effect of everything else on top, it makes you wonder when things will even out.
    Having four kids (3 at school age) is really tricky to balance at the best of times, so I feel for the folks that are even more worse off than I, and wonder how much they must be feeling it below the breadline. Bleak indeed!
    My sprogs don’t go back until September, so i’m stuck with the little darlings for a couple more weeks….

    • I feel for you Grim I really do. But the holidays end for me this weekend so in that its good for me I suppose but then they did quit out several weeks earlier here. Those poor, poor teachers you tell me another job that gives you six or seven paid weeks holiday in the summer, a month at Christmas and more days in between than I get in a year total. 🙂

      But such is the price of living in the ‘Untied Kingdom’ eh. Keep Smiling!


  2. We have just started to by the supplies for our 2nd year high school student and for us it is a little better as there is now less need for things like crayons!

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