The Ion Age by Gavin Syme….now live!

Today is the day that the hardest secret I have had to keep in my professional working life becomes common knowledge.  Today I personally told five thousand wargamers and by extension of that over this week maybe two or three hundred thousand more through forums and news portals about the existence of The Ion Age.   A brand new wargaming website, brand new products, brand new approach and all based on my favourite science fiction setting which I first learned about nearly twenty years ago.

Its been a slow build and a lot of work but over the last year the pieces have been put in place and the future literally written as I expanded and hardened the fiction that already existed into a bigger and better format upon which a lot can be hung.   It is one thousand years since the end of the great Khanate War and the betrayal of Prydian space by the fanatical Templars and after an age of darkness and an ongoing bitter civil war between powerful Marcher Barons a great leader has emerged to take command of the Prydian Army and its knights.  Princess Daphne Cyon has her work cut out for her though for as well as the Leagues of Yordan and Canlaster there is the situation in the Camarthen star cluster to now contend with…..

There is a blog for The Ion Age upon which I will be putting the majority of my thoughts on this subject as it grows and encompasses more and more.  Have a look and bookmark it or follow it.  The blog will fill you in on the rest of the details such as the free miniature with every order (changed every month see below), the weekly releases, the loyalty system with earned goodies, new rules sets and more.  Oh and what is coming on Thursday of this week.


That is it for now.  After all I have a universe to build but stick around to see a future filled with hope, bravery, mighty deeds and not the same old hand cranked gaming fodder.  This is the Ion Age and  its going to be a blast!


4 thoughts on “The Ion Age by Gavin Syme….now live!

    • Hello Mark,

      Thanks my friend. Indeed I have been. Universe building can be tiring even to me. You will want to get your hands on that kneeling knight before it vanishes for all time.


  1. I love the look of the new site too.
    Looking forward to all the sf goodness.
    It is a great thing that there is going to be something different then the same old rehashed universe.
    Will save up some pennies for something so I can add the figure to my ion collection.


  2. Hello Grim,

    Thanks. There are thousands of wargamers with Ion Age miniatures and material and part of what I am doing is aimed directly at them so you will be happy. The good work continues on Thursday with a big surprise in 15mm scale.


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