Happy New Year 2014 and a Happy Man


Happy New Year to all.  Yes, to all.  All those who are a little mad, a little sad, a bit deluded and those who are hanging on as well.  I am a happy guy, but why?  Well I have just about all that a man might want out of life. A woman I adore, smart and sharp children, my own home, a free mind and the intellectual liberty to reject chaining nonsense along with great friends and a job quite unlike any other in the world.  These are the true things of happiness to me.  So no new resolutions for me.  Its the same as every year with a straight back and a keen eye.  Be a good person, help people, bring light to darkness and have fun.  Oh…and type a hundred emails a day to keep everyone enjoying the input of ‘GBS’ across the world.

Big events coming up this year for all here in Scotland

The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.  Not much on this from me but something maybe.

The 180914 Referendum for Scottish Independence.  Expect some posts on this as well as what I actually decide to vote on the day.  Biggest choice I might ever make in politics.

Enjoy the Winter!