Remembering it for me Wholesale…minus the trip to Mars

I heard last year that there was going to be a new version of Total Recall the story by Phillip K.Dick and the movie from nineteen ninety starring my childhood hero Arnold Schwarzenegger.   While the older film directed by Paul Verhoeven was only loosely based on the short story by Dick it is the version of the story that is ‘mine’ as I saw the film years before the read the original story and while Quail become Quade it did not matter to me.  So I was super happy that once more I would be heading into a tale of flash memory, assassins and a trip to the Red Planet of Mars.  But no!

It seems, having now watched the trailer for the new film, that not only is the man mountain missing but the whole ruddy Martian landscape is too.  That is correct, Mars will not be featured in the new movie!

This is a shame as I am planning to do some Martian landscape wargame boards with a distinctive red hue in order to play some games of USE ME.  Since there is no Mars I will have to look into other sources such as Red Faction and perhaps Ghosts of Mars for scenic inspiration.

I intend if I can to go and see the new film in August despite there being no Mars, Mutants or such and despite it starring Colin Farrell who is not an actor that I admire (anyone remember Alexander the Great, SWAT, Daredevil…I could go on).  If I do then I will post about it, perhaps I will be wrong and it will be a cracking near future action film.  Or it could turn out to be not quite as awesome as that.  So to finish off….

Here is the trailer for the new film.  Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Remembering it for me Wholesale…minus the trip to Mars

    • Well I did ask for ‘Marina’! But I did not think it was worth mentioning! 🙂

      Perhaps there will be a four armed one in this version or one with two heads…but I doubt it.


  1. Hmmm not sure what to think really. I love the original for it’s cheesy visuals, but they are very good visuals! This seems to have the same visuals every sci-fi film has had the past few years. Very strange.
    Interesting nonetheless…


    • The first film does look dated but it was very well done much like Robocop. But you are indeed right Rob and sadly the American need for all possible futures to come out of the same cookie cutter mill is making itself felt in science fiction wargaming too. I could do a whole indepth posting on that.

      We will see as far as the film goes. I just went out and bought John Carter on DVD so expect a review of that.


        • Oh Bitchy Rob! 🙂

          My good lady tells me apparently that in another trailer for the film there is indeed a lady who might have three ‘lady bumps’, so that might boost ratings!


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