The SHM Range on gets Packs!

SHMP01 Cyborg Enslavers

My ‘metal baby’ is growing up!  As of Friday this week will be selling the SHM range miniatures not only as singles but also as packs at 4.00GBP each.  Why does this matter you might say?  Well it shows the range has now become successful enough to enter the ‘trade’ ranges offered in packs to dealers and stores as well as to wargamers on the website.  This is a big thing to me.

The SHM range has currently got more than thirty miniatures in it and soon it will have more than forty from more than five different sculptors and I cannot say this enough…without my support of the SHM concept none of these miniatures would exist in white metal for gamers to get in their collections.  So miniatures by rookie and new talents have proven themselves able to support a blister pack range.  Round of applause indeed!

While the pack range will contain seven different codes (SHMP01 to SHMP07) all at the same price their contents will vary from ten down to five miniatures as the range is so eclectic that it was impossible to assign a level number of castings to each code.  Also they were not designed to be in packs.  I am confident though that these packs will prove popular just like the HOF and Laserburn ranges.   Several SHM are among the most popular codes we sell.


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