An Advert for MW352 Magazine

It is that time again.  A wee bit of graphic design to create an advert for the August 2012 Issue of Miniatures Wargames magazine.   I used the same basic shape and template that I did the Issue 351 or July issue but the subject matter is rather different.  This time the whole Altuos range of 15mm Renaissance Historicals gets the glossy treatment that it has so long deserved.  Expect to see this one in the shops in a few weeks time at most.  Click on it to see it larger.

Some people have told me that magazine advertising in the wargaming industry is as dead as a dodo since everyone now only wants to look at blogs and online groups for their news and ideas.  Perhaps this is so but we will find out.  Some of those same people have said that one of the worst ideas is to advertise something as unfashionable as 15th to 17th century historicals but lets just say that I not only have faith in this superb range brought back from dusty ruin but also that I like a challenge.  I have done my best so it will be up to MW and Andrew Hubback to see if will see a return on this advert.

But its not all about money, far from it.  These are super miniatures and they were for the most part VERY popular in the 1980’s.  While part of the range has been re-released for some time I have not gotten around to the rest of it but knowing this advert is steaming towards the presses will make me hurry up!  To that end expect a posting on this very blog about inky hands and a load of photos of 17th century figures and artillery real soon.


6 thoughts on “An Advert for MW352 Magazine

  1. Hi Gavin!
    Interesting to hear your comments about what people have said about advertising this range…
    Well, I think it is all a matter of application. Should you audience have a reason to get these, a reason to justify them, then I’m sure they will. For example, I have been showing videos of painted Flintloque miniatures on my channel. I have had several responses saying something along the lines of ‘that’s great, they are lovely models with loads of character and the paintjobs are nice, but how do you use them?’…
    I am not sure how that actually helps, but it is more of a observation than a recommendation! You’re the business guys afterall!!! 🙂

    I would be very interested to see how this advert affects sales!


    • Hello Rob,

      We will wait and see. Personally I think the range will do fine as the same voices said that Medus, the middle ages 15mm, was not worth it and it has proved itself. As for magazine adverts the jury is still out but time will tell there too.

      Battle Reports, or AAR’s are a way more recent addition to gaming and the gamer now wants not only to see the miniatures, to see them painted, to see the rules, to get free materials, to read scenarios, to look at pictures but also to read about games that happen. Hummm….I wonder why I do not sleep anymore. 🙂


  2. I’m not at all convinced that renaissance historicals are necessarily that “unfashionable”. Those people need to look beyond the strictly “historical wargaming” possibilities these miniatures offer. After all, it was the age of Leonardo Da Vinci… 😉 Now there’s some ideas…

    • Hello Sam,

      Some would say that all wargamers are ‘unfashionable’ but then they are normally the type only into things and fads others tell them to do. The miniatures are lovely and there are over one hundred different ones.

      I own a three volume copy of the drawings and workbooks of Da Vinci that I picked up ten years ago at a fair sum. I could do a posting on them with pictures if there is interest.


  3. True Sam, plus people doing WH ‘Empire’ armies on a smaller scale.
    I’m concerned about the Dodo reference though. They’re all what? Nobody told me!

    • Hi Edward,

      That is true and some customers at have said and bought some with that very intent.

      I fibbed! The Dodo are not extinct my friend…just ignore that. No need to upset you. 🙂


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