15mm Renaissance Range – Ink & Photos

Stained fingers and a sense of satisfaction this week with the end to a two week project to get the Altous range of 15mm Renaissance Historicals complete and up on to the page of 15mm.co.uk.  The whole range is now online and while marketing and so on will be a wee while off it is a weight off my mind to have it done.

I do not know how many of you who read this blog work in the wargame industry (it will not be most of you) but many of you are wargamers who regularly paint their miniatures and add to their collections.  You know the effort this takes in the planning and preparation…well let me tell you its nothing compared to this.  Over one hundred codes from master molds with no existing images to be sorted, identified, washed with ink, dried, labelled, photographed, edited, coded, added to catalogues and then to 15mm.co.uk itself.  I took this whole thing on myself and triple checked everything to avoid errors.  But now that it is done it means these pictures and the code list will exist for evermore.

Enjoy the images below and if you wish to see them all then pop along to the Altuos range pages.

I did enjoy this experience over all and I think I will tackle the next one later this year (the much larger Napoleonic 15mm range!).  Just makes you appreciate it when you visit a website and there are pictures of the products…this takes a lot of time and effort…I know!


2 thoughts on “15mm Renaissance Range – Ink & Photos

  1. Ooh! You mention the napoleonic range! I’ve been sort of looking forward to the moment when Brickdust would be released. the 15mm scale would be a cheap and easy way to create large napoleonic armies as I would like to use to replay HG Wells’ classic “Little Wars” rules.

    • When you get back to Belgium Sam let me know what nation you are interested in and I will send you some miniatures from the range. I need to sort them all out anyway and get them ready for pictures.


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